D K Shivakumar: Congress’ money and muscle man

D K Shivakumar: Congress’ money and muscle man

BENGALURU: Karnataka Energy Minister Doddallahalli Kempegowda Shivakumar is wearing many hats. It is the money bag +, the human muscles, the mobilization of crowds and above all a reliable store for the high command of the Congress. In short, man to go for all things and all seasons.

Not surprisingly, given that 55 is the country’s second richest minister, with assets worth Rs 251 crore, according to a survey conducted by the Association for Democratic Reforms in 2016.

Popularly known as the “DK” in political circles, it has so many enemies as supporters. His critics are seniors mostly in the party – the main reason he lost the race for the position of KPCC President and was appointed head rather than the congressional campaign committee for the 2018 Assembly polls .

“He is relentless, he does not respect the elders and pushes his ideas on everything,” said a party official.

An ambitious man, self-made, Kumar has taken on the rungs of the political ladder. He admits tirelessly to be an aspiring Minister claiming in the same category that he will wait his time and let his old man complete his rounds first.

For now, his goal is to emerge as a leader in the Vokkaliga Karnataka Congress, filling the spot with his mentor and former Minister of State and Foreign Minister of the Union, SM Krishna, who recently joined BJP.

His biggest political opponents are former PM Prime Minister Deve Gowda and his son, the state chairman of JD (S), HD Kumaraswamy.

The reasons are mainly related to the fact that both belong to the same powerful political Vokkaliga community in the ancient region of Mysore. The two rush towards political and business support in the same urban district of Bangalore.

Both have a policy in the active family. Kumar’s brother, DK Suresh, is a member of the Bangalore Rural Premium and S Ravi is a MLC.

Coming from a Sathanur bourgeois family farm, 30 km from Bangalore, the initial matriculation Kumar was in the recognized national public school, which was asked to be out of class 8 does not meet the academic requirements.

In 1985 he was unsuccessfully contested against Gowda of the Sathanur district assembly and in 1989, he won the seat.

Kumar and controversy go hand in hand and he easily recognizes his entry despite the publication made.

In 2002, he was invited to a congressional official who takes into account the nomination papers signed by deputies for candidates Rajya Sabha from the party that used them to become the candidate himself.

Upon learning of this, Kumar, minister, rushed to Vidhana Soudha and took the officer by the collar before the chairman of election table and asked him to withdraw.

A true believer in numerology, the favorite number is six, which he says is ruled by the planet Venus and gets the energy.

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