Hoti demands probe into allegations against Imran

Hoti demands probe into allegations against Imran

Shangla / BATTAGRAM: Provincial President of the Awami National Party, Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, asked to examine the allegations made by NAM Aysha Gulalai against Pakistani President Tehrik-i-Insaf, Imran Khan.

Speaking to media during his visit to Bisham Wednesday Mr Hoti said the nation was awaiting the verdict on PTI’s foreign funding and the money trail of the Imran Khan property in London.

ANP district chairman Haji Saeed Fareen, PK-87 chairman Azam Khan, opposition leader of the Haji Shangla district council Sadeedur Rehman and other leaders were present at the occasion.

M. Hoti also visited the residence of the legislator PML-N Mohammad Rashad Khan and offered condolences by the death of his cousin.

In response to a question, he said the opposition did not propose a candidate for the prime minister’s election on Tuesday.

“Serious denunciations against Imran Khan MNA by the wife of his party are horrible, which put the head of the PTI in trouble,” he added.

Said Ms. Gulalai also exposed the leadership of PTI, including the head of government and her son. He asked the president of the National Assembly to request an investigation into the allegations.

Meanwhile, at a public meeting in Battagram M. Hoti said that change could be made in singing and dancing in references to PTI demonstrations, often peppered with music and festive songs.

ANP President Battagram Ayaz Khan Torkhail, Secretary General Sher Mohammad and other prominent leaders were also present.

M. Hoti said that the ANP was the only political party with terrorism and gave many sacrifices to its workers and their leaders.

He said the current provincial government had not fulfilled its commitments before the 2013 elections.

He said that the PNA government initiated various measures to promote education because it believed in the power of knowledge to change the destiny of people for the better.

He said that the PNA established 40 colleges and 10 PK universities, while in 65 years, only 46 colleges had been built in the province.

He argued that his government had established a school monitoring system, but the current government took its credit.

He said that Bacha Khan to spread the message of peace, love, tolerance, the addition of changes could be possible in singing, dancing and arranging musical concerts.

M. Hoti said that his government had provided 50 million and Rs 50 Earth Kanals to Imran Khan to build his cancer hospital in Peshawar, but has now criticized ANP for no reason.

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