‘Virgin Means Unmarried Girl’: Bihar Minister ‘Clarifies’ On Bizarre Form

‘Virgin Means Unmarried Girl’: Bihar Minister ‘Clarifies’ On Bizarre Form

Patna: A blank is a single girl, said Bihar Health Minister Mangal Pandey in a strange comment that justified a form of government that the hospital requires doctors and other staff members to declare their virginity or the Number of times they were married.

“I looked for” virgin “in the dictionary.This means kanya, Kunwari (daughter, single) Punya Bhumi … I do not see anything wrong with it,” said M. Pandey Thursday.

He responded to the inexplicable form of “marital notification”, transmitted to the Indira Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences, Patna, which seems to cross the professional line.

Recruits were asked to declare that they are single or widowed or blank, if they are married and have only one “living woman” or if they have more than one wife. Women must state whether they are married to a person with a woman or a woman.

Igims ani patna
The recruits to the IGIMS Patna were asked to declare if they were single or widowed or blank.

Working on social networks, the Minister has instructed the health department to replace “virgin” with “single” in the form.

Earlier I had said the same form was used by major AIIMS hospitals in Delhi. “It was a 34-year rule for medical staff to file the statement,” he told reporters.
Manish Mandal, the hospital’s medical director, said: “The rules are made by the government and the constitution. If they change their password, we will also do it.”

The statement of virginity, he said, was about the marital status of a person and the parents.

“Virgin has nothing to do with virginity, but marital status. If a person joins and dies, what would the applicant be?” Perhaps, he acknowledged, respondents “should have asked whether they were married or not … that they would have been sober.”

The comments were ridiculed in the tweets that have assumed that the word actually meant the intention of its use was “unique” and not “virgin”.

“It’s embarrassing for us to say anything,” a health official told the IANS news agency.

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