Blue Whale is a game, Download It For free in Apk Form

Have you ever heard of the game “Blue Whale”? If Not, You can download the Blue Whale Challenge APK.Chances are you have it. This game, or simply saying “thing”, is an excellent point of discussion at this point because it costs the world a lot of harm. It’s virtual. And yet, it is making people do activities in the real world, activities that involve damage to oneself and even suicide. More than 100 people, mostly teenagers, reportedly committed suicide because they “played” the Blue Whale game. Even in India, there is a conversation that recently when a teenager in Mumbai committed suicide took the extreme step after “playing” the blue whale.

The problem with the whole assumption is that the blue whale is not a game. And no, it did not force people to commit suicide. People pushed the children to commit suicide. Realize this is important to understand the blue whale and keep your children safe.

Before we talk about what the blue whale is, let us clarify some misconceptions:

1- Blue Whale is not an application. You can not install the game Blue Whale. Although there are now many apps in Google Play Store, they have nothing to do with the famous “Blue Whale”.

2- Blue Whale is not a game that you or your children can play on a computer. You can not install it on the web and then play it. Can not play on Xbox or Playstation.

3- There is no specific website, application or service where you can access Blue Whale. You can not type a web site address in the Chrome browser and end up in or join the Blue Whale game.

So if the blue whale is not a game or an application or a website, then, what is it and why is it dangerous? The blue whale is a kind of phenomenon. But a sick phenomenon. He may have had a start in Russia – the guy who would have learned his name is Philipp Budeikin and is now in jail – but now all this has become viral. He now has his life where the sick and psychosis of the world are looking for vulnerable adolescents with whom they can play.

The best way to understand the blue whale is to watch the ice cube challenge, which was also viral on the web. The challenge of ice cubes spread after social media scanned their friends and asked them to complete it. All this was for a good cause. It was simple. And many people took the challenge.

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