25-year-old Indian student rescued from lake in hurricane-hit Texas dies

A 25-year-old Indian student died here a few days after being rescued with another swollen lake from India in the American state of Texas where Hurricane Harvey has made havoc.Shalini Singh, a student looking for a Masters in public health at the University of Texas a & M, was rescued from Lake Bryan, where he met another Indian student Nikhil Bhatia, had gone swimming on Saturday.

While Bhatia died in hospital on August 30, Singh, who was still in critical condition, was pronounced dead late last night. Her younger brother and maternal uncle, who arrived in New Delhi on August 30, were with her at the time of death.Singh, a native of Delhi, came to the United States last month to pursue the masters program two years later to graduate in dental surgery from ITS Dental College in Greater Noida.

It will be cream on Bryan Tuesday or Wednesday next week, according to consulate sources. Singh continued to maintain life until the middle of the night Saturday and Sunday, according to consular officials, who were in regular contact with family members regarding their friends and some witnesses, Singh Bhatia and they swam in the lake when a sudden stream of water pushed them deeper.

The friends who accompanied him warned that the duo was in danger and informed of nearby police. British police were able to rescue and give CPR victims until doctors have arrived, according to Mayor Bryan Andrew Nelson. Consul General India in Houston, Dr. Anupam Ray needs close monitoring and his medical condition.

Nearly 13 million people have battled “catastrophic” floods and torrential rains in Texas, where Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc, at least 50 lives. According to local community leaders, at least 150,000 Native Americans live in and around the Houston area and were severely affected by the hurricane.

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