Visarjan: 40,000 cops, drones, cameras to keep an eye on city

Comme la ville adieu à Ganpati Bappa mardi, 53 routes to traves Mumbai will be complétement fermées pour les véhicules, 54 seront d’une maniere et aura 99 parkings. In order to maintain the trafic, il and aura, 3 600 persons are required to pay 500 Gardes. Nous demandons aux persons who surrendered from the sites of plongée of the times and the trucks of plaintiff to the conductors of rester dans le véhicule lorsqu’ils recherchent de l’immersion. If you are willing to do so, please do not hesitate to request trial in case of prosecution, “said DCP Rashmi Karandikar, a police officer from Mumbai.

In addition to 40 000 police officers, they are also required to assure the immersion of the south of Anur Chaturdashi. The police will be assisted by paramilitary forces and a réseau of 5,000 beds. The drones will be useful for the immersion itinéraires. Karandikar, to declare: “The presence of 40 000 police officers will be present in the town of Mardi, and the police officers ont été annulés mardi”.

, 7738133133 and 7738144144, sur lesquels les femmes peuvent. An agent to be appointed by the Mumbai police, 12 between the companies of the Federal Reserve of the Force, the Rapid Action Force and the officials of the BDDS will be in service.

(In English). Within the framework of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Earrings ce temps, les principaux mandats visent à commencer the procession avant 8 heures après avoir offert des prières à la divinité. “Mandal to tendance to suivre to the moment necessary to the process of immersion dans la ville, more nous finissons tous in même temps et nous nous nous shades rencontrés sur les principal routes de Lalbaug et Dadar”. Dit Pranil Panchal from Chintamani Ganapati.

“I will tell you the Lalbaug Swapnil Parab of Mumbaicha Raja Ganapati.” In the event of an accident in which there has been an accident in which there has been an accident at work of the city of Buenos Aires, of the city of Buenos Aires, of the city of Buenos Aires.

The common transport services will be assurance for the navetteurs et les dévots. The chefs of central fer a décite de faire huit trains spiceux entre mardi soir et mercredi matin pour aider les dévots avec l’immersion de Ganpati. “Compte tenu of the strong precipitation of the station Charni Road south le chemin de fer (WR) in raison de l’immersion de Ganpati mardi, il a été décidé that trains quittant leurs stations d’origine between 5:30 am and 8: 30 pm Churchgate s’arrêteront a toutes les stations between Central Mumbai and Churchgate.

In the center of Mumbai Central and Churchgate, I will declare the person in charge of the WR. Le bus utilitaire Brihanmumbai Electric Supply and Transport (BEST) will be moins bus après 14h30 mardi. raison d’un jour férié, seuls 1 687 autobus sont sur a total of 3 407 buses.

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